You MUST go to the ball!

Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre starring Brian Conley, Gok Wan and Lauren Hall

At the end of Wednesday night’s performance of Cinderella, Brian Conley and Gok Wan presented a young girl with a teddy as a gift for going up on stage and joining in the rendition of ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’. Speaking of the girl, who had melted every audience members heart, he turned to the audience and said “and she will remember that forever, and that’s the magic of panto”. Without a doubt she will, but so will every audience member who were treated to this magical show.


MK Theatre really has gone all out with this years pantomime adventure, there is a flying carriage, hilarious sketches and even real horses!


Top of the bill this year are Conley as Buttons and Wan as The Fairy Gokmother, a partnership joining together for their third year in panto. The two of them look truly at home and bounce off each other with ad-lib after ad-lib and genuine laughter. Conley had me in stitches throughout; he really is a very talented and funny man – he can even sing you know! Gok brought all the glitz and the glamour that you would expect, although he failed in one quest – to make the ugly sisters beautiful!   Ben Stock and Neal Wright played the evil twosome and were perfectly vile, with costumes that got more outrageous as the show went on (I particularly loved the chandelier dresses!).


Aside from the laughs, there was plenty of magic which wowed everyone. Act one ended with Cinderella flying across the stage and into the audience in a flying carriage. The magic continued in act two with two real horses on stage as part of another comical routine with Conley and co.


If you haven’t booked to see a panto this year, think again. This really has it all and will delight all ages.   Conley and Wan are on top form – don’t miss this festive treat!


Cinderella runs at the MK Theatre until January 14th 2018. Tickets can be booked online at