Author discusses new book with Alan Moore in Waterstones

Written by on July 27, 2017

John Higgs visited Waterstones in Northampton to talk about his new book Watling Street with Alan Moore.

Watling Street is a travelogue set on the A5 but also a journey through British history and a search for the national identity of its ordinary citizens.

Higgs told an audience at the bookshop: “When we read history it tends to be about things like politicians and castles. I wanted something less political and a road is completely neutral. It doesn’t care who is travelling on it.

“And once I began my journey I realised it is a road drenched in stories. The earliest was the Canterbury Tales, but there are film studios, Watling Street was also the place where the Romans defeated Boudicca, it really is drenched in stories.”

Northampton writer Moore, who is referenced in Watling Street, jokingly said Higgs’ book is “part of a new genre of writing I like to define as ‘blokes walking about'” but also went on to discuss how it is part of a movement of writers representing ordinary people reclaiming their mythology.

Watling Street is published by Orion Books.

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