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Author: Audrey Tang

Our finances, no matter what they may be, have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing.

An “adventure” is defined as an “unusual or daring (even risky) experience”…and the strange thing is, in many ways we’ve been living under a veil of “risk” for two years where even a shopping trip or a takeaway could bring you into contact with a disease requiring your hospitalisation(!) – and yet we’ve perhaps felt […]

Living is not about spending every day “getting by”, that’s “survival”.  Life is not just about being “OK”, but flourishing past ordinary. So, here are 6 habits to not just embrace your ”New Normal” in 2022, but to thrive beyond it

New Year is such a great opportunity to feel like we’ve gotten ourselves a fresh start – so here are 8 ways you can start living the life you want. “Edit” your life Time and energy are too valuable to waste on emotional vampires so: Look carefully at your current relationships. Ask yourself: – Which […]