Baby Basics is the new NLive Charity of the Month

Written by on October 6, 2017

If you’re a new mum who needs support Baby Basics Northampton could make all the difference.

It provides Moses Baskets packed with baby care goodies and a treat for mum too, just to help a new parent through some of the tough early days of motherhood.

It is NLive’s new Charity of the Month so we will be doing all we can to promote and support it in October.

Project leader Angie Kennedy said: “We rely on donations from the public of all sorts of baby care items. We have a list of things we particularly need on our Facebook page. We also like to put a bit of chocolate in for mum, who might need a bit of cheering up if she is having a tough day. It can make all the difference.”

You can contact Baby Basics Northampton via their Facebook page.


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