Be Alert To Coronavirus Cross Contamination

Written by on May 23, 2020

At the moment with staff returning to work a lot of the issue is to do with staff confidence in getting back into the workplace.

There are though some worrying things happening in supermarkets where staff are wearing disposable gloves, likely to cause cross contamination. The advice is to wash hands or if this is not possible to use hand sanitizer. Staff behind a check out should have been provided hand sanitizer.

The potential for cross contamination can happen when customers pick up items from the shelf and put them into their basket, supermarket staff then handle them, they may even take the customers own reusable bag and pack for them. If they don’t change their gloves and go on to serve ten, twenty, a hundred other customers using the same gloves, should customer number one have been unaware they had Covid-19 the staff member could have cross contaminated many items.

For the cashier touches subsequently touches their face or their mobile phone answers the store phone, opens up the cigarette gantry, there are further opportunities to cross-contaminate themselves and other members of staff.

Visiting a supermarket, staff from other workplaces see supermarket staff wearing gloves. When they themselves haven’t been issued with gloves at their own place of work, they think the company does not care and their confidence is reduced because they are not being actively encouraged to wear them.

If you would like more information on risk assessment for Coronavirus in the workplace go to

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