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Storytelling Week

To celebrate National Storytelling Week (Saturday 30th January to Saturday 6th February) we asked for your stories of Northampton.

We were given some fantastic stories from local writers and had our volunteer Paul Enright-King narrate them.

Squirrel, written by Abigail Odede and told by Paul Enright King
Cor the Clever Crow, written by John and told by Paul Enright King

We also were lucky enough to have some storytellers from the Storytelling at the Feast of Fools tell some tales from around the world for us, both family friendly stories and some more ‘adult themed ones’ late at night.

All of these stories can be listened to below, with an understanding that the adult themed stories are not family friendly.

Thank you to all who took part in making this, our first support of Society for Storytelling‘s National story-telling week, such a success!

The Story Parable – told by Terrie Howey
The Nothing Feast – told by Richard York
Eric and Medecrin – told by Lynette Hill
The Ghost with One Black Eye – told by Lynette Hill
Robin Wakes the Sun – told by Lynette Hill
King Leoghaire – told by Richard York
Stop the Train – told by Peter Boyce
Mazzoo Mazzoo – told by by Deepa Anand
Pilgrims – told by Peter Boyce

The following stories below are NOT suitable for younger members of the family – consider them being ‘in the watershed’ as they may contain adult themes, concepts and/or adult language. Thank you.

The Dark Doctor – told by Richard York.
The Gilded Fanny from Tales From The Phoenix Fire – told by Red Phoenix aka Terrie Howey.
The Woodcutter – told by Stephen Hobbs
Nasruddin and the Cockerel – told by Stephen Hobbs
Stella and the Beast of Stony Stratford – told by Lynette Hill
Queen of the Wolves – told by Lynette Hill
The Whale and the Eagle Unbound – told by Lynette Hill