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Our finances, no matter what they may be, have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing.

Listen again to last weeks #Open4Business with it’s host ADRIAN PRYCE DL (Associate Professor) with music and Adrians thoughts. But listen directly via our podcast He’s guests include: – Kim Hughes MCIPR, the founder of Goldings Communications, talks about reputation management for her clients, a mix of businesses and charities and how she […]

An “adventure” is defined as an “unusual or daring (even risky) experience”…and the strange thing is, in many ways we’ve been living under a veil of “risk” for two years where even a shopping trip or a takeaway could bring you into contact with a disease requiring your hospitalisation(!) – and yet we’ve perhaps felt […]

Living is not about spending every day “getting by”, that’s “survival”.  Life is not just about being “OK”, but flourishing past ordinary. So, here are 6 habits to not just embrace your ”New Normal” in 2022, but to thrive beyond it

New Year is such a great opportunity to feel like we’ve gotten ourselves a fresh start – so here are 8 ways you can start living the life you want. “Edit” your life Time and energy are too valuable to waste on emotional vampires so: Look carefully at your current relationships. Ask yourself: – Which […]

It’s not just the “Plan” or the “tier” or the “covid passport”, but the pandemic has hugely affected those over 65 not just by placing them into an ‘at risk’ group, but with measures such as lockdown, affecting their ordinary avenues of social support. It is also not that they struggle with understanding technology as […]

Charming an audience with smiles and soap Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, and now the Masque theatre have all entertained me with nonsense. Not an easy thing to do, especially in current climes. There’s a pandemic and, even with one of their own being affected by having to distance tonight, the show went superbly on. We […]

“Whose thoughts am I thinking?” Review by Paul Giffney, 24th November 2021 Question: How does someone with mental health issues write about the best play they’ve seen about mental health ever without talking about themselves? How does someone explore a play that rips apart the ideas of identity and explores race without feeling personally scrutinised, […]

What a treat on a Friday night. A full audience, sitting in a ‘round’, awaiting men to come on stage dressed up as women. But this wasn’t a drag night or in a venue aimed at entertainment of ‘that sort’ (tuts under breath and glares). No. We were in The Church of The Holy Sepulchre, […]

Fantastic music. Check. Fantastic dancing. Check. Fantastic costuming. Check. But… And this is where I feel harsh in commenting on the fact, that for both myself and my other half, it didn’t ‘gel’. Now, how to explain without criticising any of the excellence that is apparent in this show… It lacked ‘depth’. A lack of […]