Do you know where The Tiffin Cup is?

Written by on January 16, 2019

A top Northampton restaurateur is appealing for the return of a unique trophy stolen during a burglary.

Thieves took various items worth thousands of pounds when they broke into Saffron in Northampton’s Bridge Street.

But owner Naz Islam is most upset about the loss of the prized Tiffin Cup Saffron won in a curry cook-off at the Houses of Parliament.

Contestants have to be nominated by MPs and then compete in a final against each other.

Naz said: “It is absolutely devastating. We worked incredibly hard to bring the trophy back to Northampton, it was an honour not just for us, but the whole town.

“To have it snatched away from us is sickening. The burglars may think they’ve stolen a nice piece of crystal but in reality they have stolen so much more than that. They have stolen our memories and robbed us of the reward for our team’s work over the years.

“I would urge them to do the decent thing and give it back. It’s worth so much more to us than it is to them. We are offering a £1,000 reward for its safe return, no questions asked.”

Naz appeared on NLive to appeal for the cup’s return.

Saffron was presented with the trophy during a reception at 10 Downing Street in 2016 and staff were also given a formal reception at the Guildhall with the Mayor of Northampton in recognition of their triumph.

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