FAMfest in Northampton today

Written by on March 30, 2019

A neglected part of Northampton will be the venue for a festival of street food, art and music today.

The venue is Emporium Way which leads from the Market Square to Sheep Street.

The event is organised by NorFAMton, which released the following statement:

Pedestrians will have already noticed artworks springing up onto the walls of the underpass, which used to connect to the old Greyfriars bus station.

This open air gallery will serve as the backdrop to the festival, which aims to bring together people from all of the town’s communities.

The event is the idea of Shereen Ingram, who was born in Northampton and runs Caribbean catering company BoxFood.

She was inspired by the many festivals she has attended both as a professional and as a member of the public in the UK and Europe.

“Towns and cities around the world are really embracing the potential of street art,” she said.

“It gives communities identity, pride and a way to celebrate their heritage. It brightens the place up and also gives artists a very public canvas on which to show their work.”

Kate Stanton, a journalist and writer, also from Northampton, added: “We really wanted to remind people that Northampton has a lot going for it and to exhibit some of the talent and creativity that is based here.

“Bringing people into areas they might have once avoided and putting art in everyday places where it can be enjoyed for free can only be a good thing for the town and its inhabitants.”

FAMfest takes place from noon – 6pm on 30th March and is free. The area is wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.

NorFAMtoN is especially keen to promote the work of women and those from BAME and diverse backgrounds such as those with disabilities or social disadvantages. They also have plans to work with local communities to decorate some of the subways in areas out of the town centre.

Their work is supported by Northampton Borough Council, in particular Cllr Anna King, Northampton BID and Northamptonshire Highways.

For more information about the NorFAMtoN collective and its projects or to get involved, email [email protected] or follow them on social media.

Facebook: fb.me/norfamton

Twitter: @fam_to

Instagram: norfamton

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