Flowers laid to mark Battle of Northampton anniversary

Written by on July 11, 2017

A wreath of red and white roses was laid at Queen Eleanors Cross to mark the anniversary of the 1460 Battle of Northampton.

Mike Ingram of Northamptonshire Battlefields Society conducted a tour of the battlefield site which stretches across the golf course between Delapre Abbey and the Queen Eleanors Cross.

The battle brought the reign of Lancastrian Henry VI to an end and allowed the Yorkist Edward IV to take the throne with the help of Warwick the Kingmaker.

Mike said: “Accounts of the number of casualties vary wildly from 58, which we think was probably just the number of nobles killed to about 15,000 which was probably a slight exaggeration. Maybe somewhere between eight and ten thousand is more likely.”

Delapre Abbey is holding a weekend of events on Saturday and Sunday to commemorate the battle.

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