The Friends of Far Cotton Library Vow to Fight Northampton’s Library Changes

Written by on July 5, 2018

Since the break up of the library network was announced in October last year, the Friends of Far Cotton Library group have registered interest in running the Far Cotton Library as a Community Managed library.

However, since the interest was registered, the County Council declared that they would now only offer an Independent Library model to those at risk of closure. The time allowed to develop an alternative was also slashed from 12 months to just two.

It has always been the case that libraries such as Far Cotton’s were at a disadvantage due to the fact that there is no separate Town or Parish Council to bail them out.

Chair of the Friends of Far Cotton group, Lorraine Granell claims that “in recent months this has been made even more difficult by NCC changing their requirements at the last minute before a deadline. For example, in regards to rent and running costs rising from £5000 a year to £35000 a year within a week, despite the County Council paying £1 a year to lease the space.”

Lorraine spoke to Chris on Breakfast about the issue:

If you want to get involved, contact Lorraine at [email protected] 

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