Help With NNBC’s Rebrand!

We at NNBC community radio are looking to rebrand, due to dissatisfaction with our current name – we want to be clear we are about Northampton.  Although the current name was developed because of the link to the Northampton post code – clever idea, really – that sometimes does not come across.  Often people think we are somehow part of the council.  So – we are looking to rebrand…
As a station committed to the community, we are asking you, the people of Northampton, to tell us what means Northampton to you and to help us decide our rebranded name.
Please take a moment to fill in this quick survey.


  1. I like the name Shoetown Radio its different and not just a string of letters x and you could use the Shhh Radio for easier late night radio, maybe story telling, poetry plays, with local talent 🙂

  2. Clearly you have decided on the awful name ‘showtown radio’ as you delete any comments that are negative about it!

  3. All votes were logged via the survey monkey link above. You needed to vote there! And no decisions are made until the votes are in.

  4. NNBC is a very good clever name with the NN postcode and broadcasting company, it sounds professional and is very Northampton centric. I like the Shoe town radio aswell. I don’t think you should throw away NNBC as it’s established and known now in Northampton, I think the perfect full na me should be “NNBC 106.9 – Shoetown Radio” It’s got all the important info in it. That’s my opinion. Thank you

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