Hundreds Support Campaign to Fight for Northampton

Written by on July 2, 2018

On Saturday 30th June, hundreds of Northampton citizens flocked to support Labour’s campaign to Fight for Northampton under the ongoing review of local government. Labour are pushing the case for a unitary Northampton council, but also that the current process which they regard as ‘rigged’ be abandoned and that a consultation should take place, with the public having the final say on any changes.

Included in the event on the scorching hot day were some medieval characters to show the town’s rich history with even a Town Crier on show to periodically bellow out some words of warning to townsfolk. There was also a ‘modernised’ version of the Welcome to Northampton sign, which sums up where Labour feel the town is heading.

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South and local Borough & County Councillor Gareth Eales organised the event. Cllr Eales said: “it was a really fun event, despite the seriousness of the issue and where the town is heading. Hundreds of people came and supported us, many weren’t aware of the changes looming. But when you explain the changes that are being imposed, people are instantly on-board. The message we received was very clear; people do not want this particular change. Those that were already engaged on the issue regarded the current process as rigged by government and the “consultation” as a farce. The people want our town ran by Northampton, we want to take back control someone said – so we fight on absolutely unrelenting and we will apply the maximum amount of pressure on both council’s, our MP’s and the government. This is far from over!”

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