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Interview with Deborah Mattock Executive Director HR, Marketing & International Relations at UON

Written by on June 5, 2020

NLive station manager Martin Steers continued his series of interviews with senior members of the University of Northampton, speaking to Deborah Mattock Executive Director HR, Marketing & International Relations about the impact of almost 3 months of lockdown on her department, supporting UON staff and lockdown haircuts.

Deborah Mattock told NLive nearly three months into lockdown being away from colleagues is difficult, “It was quite a novelty at first to have all these team meetings online, but I am really missing now just the easy chats; the conversations; the pop-ins. it’s so much easier to get things sorted when you’re in an office with someone or when they’re just down the corridor from you”.

The marketing team have been doing a lot of online open days and quarantine haircuts have been an interesting obstacle, Deborah told NLive she’s not going to have a quarantine cut herself just yet, “no absolutely not, not yet. I’ve seen too many pictures of colleagues that have done that and I’m learning from others on this one… we’ve been doing a lot of online sessions for some of our students and seeing some of the recordings of the lockdown haircuts, I do wonder what some of the students think they are coming in to”.

Deborah praised the staff for being ‘absolutely fabulous’ during the lockdown and whilst working from home.

“My teams have been fabulous; the wider university staff have just been brilliant it all happened so quickly, we were in a good position particularly on the academic side as we are very much into this active blended learning… the way professional services staff have adapted as well, from literally one week being in an office surrounded by colleagues and the next minute working on your kitchen table”.

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