Legendary Producer Chris Phipps Spoke To NLive About His New Book, Namedropper

Today, Chris and Shelly were joined by legendary producer and self-titled “namedropper” Chris Phipps. Speaking over the phone, Chris spoke about his time on Channel 4’s The Tube and the musicians he worked with in the 5 years he was working on that programme, including Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Proclaimers and Black Sabbath.

All of this documented in his newest book, Namedropper, which features stories about his time with these artists, as well as a bunch of previously-unpublished photographs from behind-the-scenes on The Tube and Chris’s other works. These stories are part of the so-called “unorthodox autobiography”, and are put into easily-digestible chunks for anyone to enjoy.

If you missed the interview, you can listen again here:


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