Magical, Mesmorising and Magnificent – The Snowman reviewed

Written by on January 18, 2018



Taking my seat at MK Theatre on Wednesday night, I have to admit to thinking – will I really enjoy this? That fear was worsened when I learnt the whole of the performance had no dialogue at all!  How can they present a 100 minute performance without dialogue?   My fears, thankfully, were totally unnecessary.

This show was quite simply – MAGICAL!

For anyone familiar with the original Rayond Briggs cartoon, they will know the basis of the story where a young boy makes a snowman who later comes to life and they go on an adventure.  The original cartoon only lasted 20 minutes though, so this stage adaption extends the adventure.    Expect dancing fruits, a snowman on a motorbike and an appearance by Jack Frost – all additions to the family fun this adventure brings.  Aside from the additions you can be assured that the key moments everyone remembers from the tale are kept – including that flight scene where the boy and the Snowman soar above the stars!

Special mention has to be given to Cameron James Sutherland who played the role of Boy and was on stage from start to finish.  His sheer enthusiasm was a joy to see.  Equally enjoyable was the beautiful music score that this show has, performed by a live orchestra.

What impressed me most was how this show completely captivated the audience.  Consider the fact a good number of that audience were young children, who can often be hard to occupy, this is some accomplishment.  It was mesmerising, magical and magnificent in equal measures!

The Snowman is performed at MK Theatre until Saturday 20th January.  Tickets can be purchased online at

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