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My show, Jimtom…Say? Is at 5-7pm, Saturdays, Fortnightly…

When you tune in you will hear an eclectic mix of music with much of local performers and a liberal dosing of spoken word, bards and the like!

 My fave biscuits are oaty crumbles, I’m mostly vegan… always veggy!  

Music that changed my life: The Chameleons and Talking Heads, ‘Floyd and Frank Zappa! These are all still guilt-free pleasures. 

Best thing about playing out on NLive is the volunteer enthusiasm, especially niche genres and styles, making the station highly individual and positive!  

Contact or view stuff at www.jimtom.org , or search to view ‘Jimtom…Say?’ at ReverbNation.com ..also [email protected]

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