Network that brings online connections into real world

Written by on July 9, 2018

A new series of networking events is helping to bring online connections together in the real world.

NLC or Network Learn Connect has been devised by Tristan Griffiths of All Things Networking and tackles the practical problems behind business marketing issues in the online world.

He said: “I’ve been describing it as like walking into your friends house, if you can’t find something have a look around, have a drink. It’s a bit like Tinder with less swiping! There is the social side which is Network, we have a training session which is Learn and at the end everyone goes on social media and talks about the others so that’s Connect.”

Previous events have included advice on getting best use out of social media platforms and blogging tips.

The next session, which will be held at the Cowork Engine workspace in Abington Avenue, on July 25, will delve into the world of running a blog through your Linked In profile.

For details search for #NLCNN on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.

Or you can book tickets here.


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