NLive at opening of new shoe factory

Written by on October 28, 2018

Northampton’s first new shoe factory in decades has been opened by the Lord Lieutenant David Laing and NLive was on hand to report from the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Ruben Carol and Chris Harris reported from the scene as history was made at Fosters & Sons in St James Mill Road, where Goodyear welted shoes will be produced.

Matthew Allen, CEO of Fosters & Sons, which is famous for bespoke footwear produced in Jermyn Street, London, said: “The English craftsmanship and the way they are made in Northampton cannot be copied. We are quite confident we have a very successful future ahead.”

Famous wearers of Fosters shoes included Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Charlie Chaplin.

Lord Lieutenant David Laing said: “I am wearing Northamptonshire shoes, have done for many years, they have served me very well. Fosters here is a new chapter opening. I might not be in the market for an £8,000 pair but it is great to have a quality product and the price is good.”

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