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NLive Radio at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Written by on August 20, 2018

Last weekend, Breakfast’s Chris Harris and Rock Your Sock Off’s David Luck travelled up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, alongside photographer Meg Shipham. Wearing NLive Radio T-shirts to represent the station, we saw some great shows, interesting exhibits and did some great shopping!

David is still up in Edinburgh this week, as he’s performing at the “Aaaargh One Liner Showcase”, hosted by Pun Champion Masai Graham.

Over the course of three days, Chris saw too many shows to keep track of everything. Here’s three of his favourites.

Lord of the Game of the Ring of Thrones (Hivemind Improv Group)Lord of the Game of the Ring of Thrones

If you love anything fantasy, this show is for you! Asking for audience suggestions for scenarios and places on a fantasy map at the start of the show, the Hivemind Group present a fully improvised play that was a delight to watch and participate in. A bunch of quick-thinking and funny people, Hivemind are definitely worth seeing if you’re up Edinburgh before the 26th.


Aaaaaaaaaaand Now It’s Time For…Roger Swift’s Pun-U-MaticRoger Swift's Pun-U-Matic

Now, this show was the best I saw at the Festival this year. We all love puns, and Roger has them in spades! The works of Tim Vine are echoed in his work, aside from a bunch of dirty jokes which left the audience in stitches. Highlights included the Fairy Liquid prop (Tinkerbell in a blender) and the oh-so simple Dead-Ant Dead-Ant gag.

Halway through the show, “Mad Ron” came on stage and had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his hard-man criminal character – an unexpected yet welcome addition to the show. If either Roger or Mad Ron are in your area, do not miss your chance to see them.


The Potter Trail

A ninety-minute tour of some of the locations where J.K. Rowling wrote the beloved children’s books and some that inspired her writing. Sounds like a great time to embrace the inner nerd and go along! From the stunning beauty of Edinburgh Castle and a “haunted” graveyard, to a small coffee shop and a fancy hotel, this walking tour is aimed at Harry Potter fans initially, but is also a great way to see some great parts of Edinburgh you may have missed.


Other things we saw where the And Another Thing Improv Show, the Tecita Dean Art Gallery, Astronomy Victorious Exhibit, the Aaaaargh One Liner Showcase (featuring David Luck smashing it!), and Hot Mess: Bezzie Mates. Check them all out if you’re up in Edinburgh, and if not, keep an eye out; they could be coming your way very soon!