Nomination for Northampton art graduate

Written by on September 30, 2019

A University of Northampton fine arts graduate has been nominated for an award after her work was spotted by a local gallery.

The innovative tape-based work of Jan Harrington will be exhibited at MK Gallery in November and has been entered in the Platform Graduate Award.

Devised in 2012 in collaboration with CVAN South East, the award is a partnership between four galleries, with the others being in Portsmouth, Margate and Oxford. Twenty three graduates have been nominated from across 14 universities in the south east.

Jan came to the University of Northampton for more creative development and began working with tape when arthritis made working with pen and ink increasingly difficult.

She said: “The course has been amazing, allowing me to experiment with sculpture, metalwork, zines, but eventually I returned to fine pen and ink work.

“With my work becoming more intricate, I began to find it a struggle to hold a pen for any length of time, discovered tape, and haven’t looked back.”

This is the second year in a row that a Fine Art graduate from Northampton has been nominated for the Platform Graduate Award. Read about last year’s nominee, Abbie Schug.

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