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Review: Matt Richardson – Slash

Written by on February 9, 2019

Comedian Matt Richardson bought his first feature-length show to the Underground of the Derngate last weekend, supported by Thrapston-born comedian, Ross Smith.

Ross started his set slowly, but it picked up when he began interacting with the audience, and established many running jokes that continued throughout Matt’s main show. After the first five minutes, he seemed to relax and the story- and joke-telling became effortless and second nature to him, finishing his set on a very strong note.

When Matt came on, he managed to keep the high energy up and continued in a relaxed, albeit more animated fashion. Matt’s show saw him delve into his own career, specifically his acclaim for being “Heat Magazine’s Weird Crush of the Year”. This title, as well as his fame from The Xtra Factor, had apparently led to people on the internet writing slash fiction (hence the show’s title) about him and Harry Styles. The narrative of the show largely involved Matt reading some of these stories, interwoven with observations and jokes about his life so far, including past relationships and family dynamics.

While most of his jokes landed, particularly in regards to the slash fiction, the show as a whole felt disjointed due to the lack of narrative as well as the interjection of the slash fiction; while they were the funniest parts of the show, they did feel out of place amongst the rest of the show.

All in all, Matt Richardson’s Slash is a great comedy show. There are some great witty and zany lines, and one about his girlfriend, some beads and a chainsaw that had me and the rest of the audience in stitches. Granted, it feels disjointed in places, but that is a small complaint. You can check out the rest of his tour here.

Reader's opinions
  1. henry   On   February 10, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Not unreasonable as a review, as a fifty something year old he made me cringe with his outrageoisness, Ross Smith was silky smooth and I think I have seen him before, was he the guy who went on holiday by mistake with three huge fight players who he had never met before, for a free holiday, I hope he brings that back to Derngate, love to see that

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