Review: Steve Bugeja – Almost

Written by on November 7, 2018

Comedian Steve Bugeja bought his third and largest UK tour to the Derngate last weekend and showed off his unique brand of storytelling.
The show sees Steve trapped on a 13-hour flight from Japan to the UK when he receives a message from his girlfriend with the oh-so ominous line “we need to talk”. The next hour sees Steve explore everything that went through his head following that text, including his battle with his in-flight neighbour, the idiosyncrasies of Japanese toilets, and the best way to take down the pharmaceutical industry.
While these seem like random “bits” held together with a flimsy story, the show itself is well-structured and there’s something about Steve’s natural charisma and “beta-male” character that ties the tangents and seemingly-random thoughts together with clever callbacks.
His work with the audience was also great and, while he did most of it in a warm-up section before the interval, he kept referring back to it throughout the show, which just added something you don’t always see in comedy shows, and really makes seeing the show live much more unique
All in all, Steve Bugeja is clearly going places, and Almost is almost a perfect show. If you get the chance to see, do it.
His next local performance is at the Corby Cube on the 9th November, tickets are still on sale right here.

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