Rule Flouters could face harsher enforcement

Written by on April 12, 2020

It’s been a fortnight since the tightening of restrictions on free movement and the country went in to an official lockdown. However where most have adhered to the government guidelines, across the county, there has been some cases of defiance. 

Northampton police Chief Constable Nick Adderley told the media that the force was “upping its enforcement activity” due to people flouting social distancing guidelines. Mr Adderley when pressed, would not rule out the possibility on setting up road blocks and checking supermarket trolleys in order to dissuade potential offenders. However later he was forced to clarify his comments, and said the police will not be actively scrutinising what people should or should not be buying.   

The current fine for offenders is £60 which can be doubled up until £960 with prison time even a possibility. 

Despite the clarification by the counties Chief Constable, the Home secretary said that “the threat by Nick Adderley was not appropriate. Let me be clear about that, I work with police and its leadership every single day of the week and that is not the guidance. That is not down to the measures we have been adopting thus far” and remained stead-fast in the fact the Easter weekend police should not be “heavy handed” and rejected the any notion of any new lockdown restrictions being added or toughened.  

The Government has already confirmed that the initial three week period of lockdown is subject to be extended in order to help “flatten the curve”. 

By Paul Kafua

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