Towcester therapy allotment brings the community together

Written by on December 6, 2020

Towcester Therapy allotment is appealing for help to find new premises. Life at No. 27 helps people with mental health issues even during the 2nd lockdown.

Life at No. 27’s aim is to help people with mental health and helping them gain practical skills along the way.

With the peaceful process of digging, planting, and weeding can help people improve their mental state.

For the people of the allotment it is a place for them to escape. Annabelle Padwick said that her: “Own allotment helped change my life.”

She carried on by saying that: “For some people it is just about having a safe space that they can come too and just relax. If they manage to grow anything then that’s a bonus.”

Being in a pandemic, many people are stuck inside. This allotment gives people the chance to get out of the house and feel like they are doing something productive with their time.

The allotment allows them to bring home what they have grown to their family, giving them a sense of pride.

This is not only an opportunity for adults but also for school children also. They can have term long programmes getting involved and feeling the same sense of pride that the adults do.

Sarah Hillier of Mind Northampton said: “I think that the pandemic has brought for lots of people new struggles. For most of us we are on a spectrum around our emotional wellbeing and so it is important that there are opportunities particularly during the pandemic for people to go out and be at one with nature.”

“Seek help through their GP or go online there are plenty of services and people that you can talk too if you are really struggling.”

The charity is facing eviction because the owner of the land wants to use it for other purposes.

Written by Natalie Govier

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