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University of Northampton launches planet-saving climate change degree

Written by on July 9, 2021

The University of Northampton has launched a course that will equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle the defining issue of the century – climate change.

Not only will the BSc Climate Change degree provide students with a thorough understanding of the science underpinning the issue, the course will allow them to develop the skills that are in demand with employers associated with this expanding sector.

Senior Lecturer, Greg Spellman, said: “Graduates will be suited to the increasing number of roles in which a sound understanding of climate science is important and also related issues such as urban air quality, energy management, transport planning and sustainable development.  We aim to develop knowledge and skills crucial to informed decision-making in these areas.

“In the programme students will acquire a full range of employability skills, but also have the opportunity to hear from experts and work with employers, to discuss day to day issues and the longer-term strategies required to improve our response to climate change.”

As part of our Greener and Cleaner Northampton campaign we spoke with Dr Greg Spellman Environmental Science lecturer and lead on the new degree.

As part of our Greener and Cleaner Northampton campaign we spoke with Dr Greg Spellman Environmental Science lecturer and lead on the new degree.
Introducing Climate Change BSc – University Of Northampton Youtube

Climate Change remains the defining issue of this century with dramatic consequences expected not only for the global environment but also human health, well-being and all economic sectors if mitigation is not prioritised. The BSc Climate Change degree is founded on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the underpinning science of changes in the global climate. Students explore the politics and contested nature of sustainable climate solutions. This is achieved through informed debate and discussion, while they also develop vital employability skills by actively exploring how the operation of organisations and businesses is underpinned by consideration of sustainability and climate change.

There is an emphasis on applied research skills such as data handing and analysis so students are able to interpret the latest climate change research. Undergraduates also develop a broad range of verbal, written and digital presentation and communication skills and so are able to communicate complex ideas, bridging the gap between science, decision-makers and the public.

Roles related to science and sustainability communication or enabling policy through governmental and non-governmental organisations offer opportunities, as well teaching, the civil service and a range of Geographical Information Systems-related roles in various employment areas.

Applications are now being accepted for the BSc Climate Change degree, which will run from September 2021 – visit the course page

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