Advertise on NLive Radio


Now is the right time to consider advertising on NLive Radio, the local radio station for Northampton.

You can listen to us across the area on 106.9FM as well as online on our website here, via smart speakers and the TuneIn radio app.

Radio advertising works, and is a creative way to engage new customers and new business to your event, organisation, service or business across the area.

Our production company will work with you to create your own advert that will sound great on air!

Testimonial July 2020

We took an advert out with NLive as part of their covid-19 recovery package when my business reopened for a takeaway service. 

The process was so simple to use and the forms easy and quick to fill in. 
I was pleasantly shocked at the speed the advert was put together and received a draft audio version within a day which was perfect first time and sounded great.

The advert started to run and after a few days I needed to update our hours. I emailed the station manager and this was done with ease and again to shock at how fast the change was made and uploaded (actually withing the hour) 

In the first week of the advert running we had 5 new customers come in and make purchases totaling over £115 in one day. 

The advert has already payed for itself and I would highly recommend other businesses to take a radio advert. Its well worth it. And for something that took all of about 20 minutes to actually fill in and sort out there really is no excuse not to. 

Terry Steers – St Giles Ale House 

Examples of recent adverts on NLive

QRB Management
Balmoral Place
UNO Buses
Uni Temps

We believe in up front pricing and our rates are:

Introductory Package: 30 second advert 4 plays between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday 4 week campaign £106.90

Standard Package: 30 second advert 6 plays between 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday, plus bonus weekend and evening plays 4 week campaign £200

Heavy Package: 30 second advert 9 plays between 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday (Including every hour breakfast and drive), plus bonus weekend and evening plays 4 week campaign £300

Advert production costs are depending on the scale of the advert (simple vs complicated), but should be around £60 – £100 for most adverts.

For longer campaigns or regular advertising we can make a good deal, and even look to include your logo or advert on our website and social media platforms.

(All costs are ex-vat and agreements & invoices paid prior to campaign starting, minimum campaign length is 12 weeks)

To find out more about a campaign to suit your needs contact our sales team via [email protected]  or call 01604 893469.

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